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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1) Who can take part in TutoRIA events?

All LMU students, who have not exceeded the regular number of semesters for their course, can participate in our events, whether you are a local, a degree or exchange student.

Friends/spouses/siblings may only participate if they are also enrolled at LMU. Unfortunately, staff members from the LMU cannot join.

2) Why can only LMU students take part?

This is a condition stipulated by the German Academy Exchange Office (DAAD) which finances part of our program.

3) I am an Erasmus intern. May I still take part?

Only if you are enrolled at the LMU and have a valid LMU student ID.

4) How do I register? What do I need to complete my registration?

Registration will take place online via the registration form on our webpage. The registration is only considered complete if you also make your payment in time. Online events are always free of charge!

To complete your registration, you will need:

  • Your student ID or comfirmation of enrollment
  • The event fee in cash

Please note! : The registration is binding. No refund will be offered (see number 7).

Reserving tickets in advance is not possible. Places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The receiving time of your online registration is the determining factor. If you manage to secure a spot, we will send you an email with further details. However, if you do not subsequently turn up in time to make your payment, we will offer your spot to the next person on the waiting list. For further information, see Registration.

5) I cannot attend your office hours. What should I do?

If you are unable to come in person, a friend may register for you. They must show us your LMU student card (or a picture of it) and provide your contact details (e-mail address).

Important: it is only possible to register for one other person besides yourself.

6) I can’t attend an event. What should I do now?

Unfortunately, if you are unable to take part in an event – for whatever reason – we cannot provide you with a refund.

However, you may search for a replacement. This person must also be a student of LMU and be able to show us their student ID at the beginning of the event.

Often the demand for our events is very high.

You may use our Facebook group (TutoRIA), Instagram or contact us to find your replacement.
If you have found a replacement, please inform us as soon as possible. Simply drop us an e-mail(tutor.international@lmu.de).

We would also like to emphasise that in such situations, you are personally responsible for the ticket transfer/coordination of payment.

7) Is there a waiting list for fully-booked events?

Once you have registered, you will be automatically placed on our waiting list should the event be sold out. The receiving time of your registration determines your place on the waiting list. Should we have any extra tickets to offer, we will contact those on the waiting list accordingly.

8) Can I reserve tickets in advance?

Unfortunately no, as that would be unfair. Registration is only possible through our online registration form and with subsequent payment at the TutoRIA office.

9) Is my insurance covered during TutoRIA trips?

All participants are wholly responsible for themselves. The tutors are liable for neither personal (health-related) nor material damage.

The so-called ‘suspension of liability’ form must be signed by every participant at the beginning of each event/trip.

Note: Accidents that occur whilst travelling are within the responsibility of the citizens’ advice bureau.

10) Are TutoRIA events only in German?

Our events are held both in German and English. That means that all the reading materials and tours are in both languages.

11) How do you become a tutor with TutoRIA?

When tutor positions become available, the vacancies are advertised as a public notice on the LMU-Website. Naturally the position is also advertised on our Instagram and Facebook page.